Invasion of the North Coast



This is the news site for the North Coast invasion Campaign for the Board/war game : OGRE.


A word from Commander Desnard  "I know its been quiet on the coast here for the last week or two, and I know you want to see some fresh blood, but keep your radars and sensor systems online, they're out there. I can smell 'em. And just when your not expecting it BOOM! they're on the shore and poundin up the beach."


Commander Desnard has insisted on the most uptodate maps for the area, and the best organised deployment system for supporting heavily assaulted fronts. If theres going to be fighting on these shores, the layout of the land will be well known and the reinforcements will arrive on time.


04/08/2010 17:03

Beach Body

Today on the beach at Dawsons point, a body was found washed up, wearing a combine uniform. Military crews were on site in no time at all and further details are not being passed to journalists. One of the locals on the scene thought the victim had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

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